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If you want to buy a suitable bed in Switzerland, you don’t have to look long! Because beds from Switzerland can be found in many designs and sizes , as well as with various equipment, child’s play here at . As a solidly grown family company with tradition and the set goal of offering all our customers the bed that is exactly right for them and tailored to their needs , we know from years of experience that the mattress in particular is a not to be underestimated, yes, rather one or „the“ decisive one Role. It is precisely for this reason that we agree with our customersdetailed consultation including a classic test bed and an intensive sleep consultation .

If you deal extensively with the topic of sleep, beds and mattresses , you quickly understand that the differences and individuality are just as pronounced with us humans as with the mattresses in which we want to bed. All beds and products are put together and configured according to your wishes. With our beds and the available accessories, we always focus on the best quality at moderate prices. Of course, this applies not only to all regular offers and products, but also to our custom-made products . Our motto is always that your healthy sleep is important to us.

Variety and diversity of our beds

Whether you’re a bed with storage space , a rustic or modern wooden bed such as from pine wood from Switzerland looking or beautiful beds in various forms, such as a round bed would buy from Switzerland, you will find something nice here. We offer beds in all regular, commercially available sizes , but can also be made to measure and in unusual formats on request .

For example, if you are looking for a bed 120×200 produced here in Switzerland, we naturally offer it. It should be an oversized water bed or family bed, no problem, we will be happy to implement it with the usual care and quality . We are also happy to supply everyone who would like to buy Hasena beds from the Gelbett Outlett Switzerland . Of course, the name says it all, so that all connoisseurs and lovers of high-quality gel beds from Switzerland have come to the right place. The diversity in shape, size, format, material and design is diverse and present.

Buy quality and value for money in bed

Our beds are particularly characterized by their individuality and a top price-performance ratio . Because if you want to buy a high -quality bed from Switzerland , but don’t want to forego custom-made work and excellent quality , you will get your money’s worth here. At Gelbett-Outlett , custom-made beds from Switzerland , made from almost all types of wood, can be configured and ordered. The wood is grown in a regulated manner and our products are produced sustainably . A large selection of different woods extends the spectrum of yoursPossibilities . Whether you are more of the pine type or are looking for a bed made of maple , beech or oak, just speak to us directly. As already said, cheap beds from Switzerland can be of absolutely high quality . This is our standard from which all our customers participate and benefit. Generating and offering a moderate and product-appropriate price for a high-quality bed.

Service that also relaxes

You have conveniently ordered your custom-made bed from Switzerland from us in the gel bed Outlett and would like it to be just as comfortable in your bedroom? Without having to deal with the structure yourself ? Absolutely no problem! We offer the complete feel-good package with our beds . In addition to detailed advice through to the right bed and the delivery of your new bed to your home , you can also rely on us for professional service regarding the assemblytrust. You can continue to relax and look forward to your beautiful new bed. Our employees only leave when their bed is properly set up on the spot .

Our recommendation when buying a bed

Are you also looking for healthier and more restful sleep that regenerates you and gives you strength and balance ? Have you already tried 1,000 things and tested them unsuccessfully without seeing any improvement ? Just take a look at what our satisfied customers report and have to say about our gel beds from Switzerland . We would be happy to advise you in detail.





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